Technology is not exclusive to large aeronautical companies


There is a false belief in the aeronautical business that technology is expensive and exclusive to large airlines, workshops or…

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Aruba Airlines and Aruba’s civil aviation department recognize Soma Software as an advanced flight operations and maintenance system


Today we are honored to receive from our client Aruba Airlines a communication where the Aruba´s ministry of transport and…

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On the case of the Boeing 737 MAX: Automation and the debate about aeronautical safety


The company Boeing is going through a difficult moment: in less than 5 months its historical legacy of security has…

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Is the Boeing 737 MAX 8 an improved model of the B737? or is it a new model?


The crash of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane from Ethiopian Airlines has generated a lot of controversy, as it…

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Successful participation of Soma Software in AeroExpo 2019


The participation of Soma Software in the sixteenth edition of the Aviation International Exhibition and Convention, AeroExpo Toluca 2019, was…

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2019 trends in technology for the aerospace industry


The advance of aerospace technology continues in acceleration. Our business teams must be prepared to evolve at this rate. What…

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