Helicopters: A growing market in Latin America
Published by: SOMA Team - - September 30, 2019

The helicopter market in Latin America has excellent projections for the coming years. Last year a study by Honeywell indicated that 35 percent of its respondents in Latin America expect to replace or expand their helicopter fleet within the next five years. The same study indicated that there will be a demand for between 4,000 and 4,200 new civil helicopters in the next five years.

Generally this segment is immediately associated with the military, but the truth is that, from the commercial side, such as companies that provide services to the mining and passenger industries, there is a very dynamic activity.

The use of helicopters has also expanded from the private world. Companies that transport executives due to congested city traffic and tourism in remote locations have promoted the demand for helicopters. The demands of VIP customers have prompted major manufacturers to develop such aircraft with extensive amenities. In recent exhibitions and fairs, luxurious helicopters of the brands Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Leonardo, Sikorsky, among others, have been unveiled.

Another area where helicopters are used is in situations where it is necessary to provide humanitarian assistance, health transport and natural disaster relief, as they are the best alternative to reach areas that are difficult to access.

Helicopter maintenance control

We are pleased to see the growth of the helicopter market in our region, however, it is necessary to continue promoting the use of technological tools for the management of small and medium-sized aeronautical companies in Latin America.

The maintenance of rotary wing aircraft has its particularities. The work to which this type of aircraft is subjected implies a meticulous control to avoid operational downtime.

Currently our Soma Software solution is being used by different companies with helicopters and we see how important it is to have a complete vision of the maintenance program: controls of the different components, hours, aircraft landing, engine cycles, AD’s, engine modules, etc.

The work team of a company with a fleet of helicopters, by having a management platform such as Soma, will have timely alerts to perform inspections and monitor the components according to the requirements of manufacturers and the aviation authority, as well as to keep up to date with audits.

Major brands bet on Latin America

Airbus has increased its presence in offices and maintenance centers, the Italian industrial group Leonardo opens a branch in Peru and develops partnerships to create local competences and productive capacities, Russian-made helicopters are the most successful product of this country in our region, in fact, Mi-17s represent 42% of the military fleet and Russian companies have opened maintenance centers.

These are just some of the encouraging news that speak for themselves about the growth of the helicopter market in Latin America. From Soma Aeronautical Software we will work to accompany aeronautical companies that are operating rotary wing aircraft to obtain the greatest benefit from technology in their operational and commercial management.


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