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Published by: SOMA Team - - June 20, 2022

Airlines and other aviation companies have to keep accurate records of each flight. These records are crucial for several reasons: they can be used in the event of a plane crash, they help determine how much fuel was used on each trip, and they provide customer feedback about their experience with the company. Without these records, knowing what happened during a given flight would not be easy.

The aviation industry is complex and demanding and requires the utmost attention to detail. The only way to ensure that your company stays on top of all compliance mandates is to use an aviation records management system. It will help you keep track of flight records and other documents so that you don’t miss any deadlines or legal requirements. With an integrated solution like this, it’s easier than ever for businesses in the aviation industry to stay profitable.


  • Important features:

Seamless file sharing and printing – When it comes to aviation records management, a system that facilitates file sharing and printing are essential. This allows companies to keep track of important documents while ensuring everyone has access to them.

An ecosystem of platform features: A platform is an ecosystem of features, and it is essential to understand what each element does.   Here are some features you may find on a platform: analytics, customer email service, content management system (CMS), data storage and security solutions, customer support team, and marketing tools such as lead generation software.

Auditing system activity logs: Auditing system logs is essential to aviation records management. Regularly reviewing records ensures that all activities are adequately documented and that no unauthorized changes have been made to your records.

Web browser SaaS platform: The web browser SaaS platform is a cloud-based application that can be used in aviation records management. It automates the process and retrieval, saving time and money for businesses where time is always valuable.

Malware scanning across all payloads: Malware is a big problem for businesses of all sizes, and aviation companies are no exception. To protect your records and keep your business up and running, aviation companies must scan all loads for malware before storing them in the records management system.

Migrating files to/from Dropbox is user-configurable: Migrating your company’s files to/from Dropbox doesn’t have to be daunting. By configuring your aviation records management system, you can quickly move your files back and forth between the cloud storage provider and your internal system. This allows you to take advantage of the many benefits Dropbox offers without sacrificing the security and organization of your records.

Watermark Stamps – Watermark stamps are often used in aviation records management, which can help ensure records’ accuracy and integrity. Companies can protect their documents from alteration or forgery by utilizing a watermark stamp. In addition, watermark stamps can also be used to identify the origin of a document.

Email notification and SMS texts: Email notifications and SMS texts can be handy tools in aviation records management. With the ability to send information to staff quickly and easily, these tools can help improve communication and collaboration between team members. In addition, SMS texts can provide a direct line of communication with pilots, which can be vital in emergencies. Integrating email notification and SMS texting features into your records management system can improve your organization’s safety and efficiency.


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