In the digital age, human contact is extremely important
Published by: Omar Maldonado - - July 9, 2019

For the clients it is extremely important the close treatment, the agility and the efficiency in the communication through the digital communication channels, even though the attention is not face-to-face.

As a director of a cloud-based solution for aeronautical management, I am always a promoter of investments in digital capabilities in companies, since I have seen closely how operations and processes optimization contributes to  both, growth and competitiveness.

But I must admit that, in the area many companies that develop and distribute technological solutions have neglected human contact, especially in customer service. This is extremely counterproductive, because  it discards direct contact with the clients and establishes only digital interactions (with bots for example). This represents the loss of personalization that most users seek.

An Accenture study called Digital Disconnect in Customer: (“The digital disconnection in the relationship with customers”), revealed that 73% of respondents want to interact with people to solve service problems and look for information: “Customers need and value human contact because this means that the shopping experience is more satisfying: it makes them feel listened to and understood, and with the ability to choose, something that does not exist in pre-recorded phrases or in the jump of windows on the screen of a computer or tablet”.

In Soma Software our differentiator is the customized  treatment we provide to our customers through our team of aeronautical engineers. Although our interactions are done digitally, we try not to lose closeness and direct conversation. We believe that digital channels should be used in favor of the brand to get closer to the customer instead of getting away from their needs.

Here are some of our premises in customer service:

  1. “We’re passionate about helping”: every client must find an agent willing to listen and provide a solution. We are clear that the kindness and proactivity in ​​customer service differentiates us from other solutions.

The future of any company is directly proportional to the satisfaction of its customers, in terms of the quality of its products, services and after-sales service. Without satisfied customers there is no future.

  1. “We offer assistance through different channels”: after our customers create their support tickets, which allows us to control the solution of their cases, we use several digital channels to communicate, such as: chat, email and video conferencing.
  2. “We use different didactic resources”: to promote the teaching process and the interpretation of the contents we share, we use manuals, guides, videos, audios and presentations.
  3. “We allow our clients to know the progress of their support tickets”: Our clients receive email notifications with their cases evolution.
  4. “We establish a solution date for each case”: clients must have a date in which their cases will be resolved. Depending on the relevance or impact of a case, the speed of its solution must be defined.

Organizations are always changing; they must adapt to the environment to achieve their goals. Adaptation involves the reformulation of processes and operations systems, structure redesign, new technologies, etc. That’s why our solution is scalable and our team participates actively in the changes of our clients’ organizations.

Our work does not end with the implementation of the software, we closely monitor the evolution of our customers and we support them constantly in the use of the platform. We get involved in our clients’ projects and celebrate their successes as a member of their organizations.


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