Increasing the supply of technicians in the workshop with an App for MRO management | SOMA Newsletter 2022
Published by: SOMA Team - - May 15, 2022

Generally in aeronautical maintenance organizations, better known as OMA or MRO, a critical aspect is the distribution of maintenance work on one or several aircraft, as well as the accounting of man-hours (H/H).

Although maintenance programs are carried out in compliance with the authority and the necessary processes and personnel are in place for the execution of maintenance, in many cases, the weakness lies in the follow-up of production technicians, the control of H/H or in the lack of an alert system to ensure the necessary components, materials and/or equipment to accomplish the tasks (which generates fleet stoppages or idle times of the personnel waiting for the necessary resources to perform the work).

Good management in the aeronautical workshop always requires optimizing processes and monitoring personnel. A simple and economical way is to use the resources offered by technology, such as cell phones.

Currently there are solutions through mobile applications, which can help to track the execution of tasks in the hangar and generate management reports, this is essential to properly distribute the workload in the operational staff and avoid resorting to overtime payments to meet the demand for work, which could affect the financial situation of the company.

In the case of our client Heliflight Panama -FBO and the only authorized Airbus workshop in their country- SOMA’s mobile app for production is an ally to provide their services to third parties and their fleet of 19 aircraft.

Heliflight Panama has a large staff of mechanics and inspectors in the Hangar who are assigned work orders from the SOMA administrator and in turn, with the use of the SOMA App they can track the actual time of execution of the tasks. This allows them to monetize their services and bill for real, not estimated, man-hours.

Helicóptero de Heliflight Panamá


Aviation companies should consider that most people have access to a smartphone or the company can invest in the purchase of these devices. There have been SOMA customers who buy and assign the devices to employees and give them facilities to pay for them, so that they belong to them. In this situation, the employee and the company benefit from the use of the resource, while the employee only has to install the SOMA application on their phone to receive the tasks and have their work monitored in the hangar.

With the support of a mobile solution and the corresponding analysis, many of our customers are able to recover effective man hours, to increase the supply of technicians and thus meet the demand for scheduled work in the production area.

Report view generated from the use of the Soma Production app
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