SUCCESS CASE: MasAir, Mexico’s air cargo giant
Published by: SOMA Team - - May 23, 2022


The past few years have been difficult for the aviation business. However for MasAir, now known as mas, it has been a period of continuous growth.

Since 2020 mas has been part of SOMA Software’s select group of customers. In this way we at SOMA support them efficiently in all their complex aeronautical maintenance processes.


We spoke with Alejandro Ramirez, Maintenance Engineer at mas, with more than three years of experience in the ranks of the Mexico-based cargo airline. On that occasion he told us how SOMA has helped mas’ operation:

What I especially like about SOMA is the technical support. The SOMA team has listened to us at all times, they are very attentive and always try to give us a solution. I consider that to be a great differential.

In addition, SOMA, as software, is very adaptive and flexible. It adapts to each of the particularities of the operation. On some occasions we have asked for an improvement and they have always looked for a way to implement it. That would be the main big star we give it.

Other options on the market are closed. We as clients must adapt to them, with SOMA it is different. SOMA seeks to adapt and support the operation of its clients.

SOMA is quite simple to use. It is very easy to track. You can do a perfect tracking of all the processes. I’ve seen it with components installed, removed, directives, work cards, deferred list, plus you can validate all the compliances. Everything is very accessible and just a few clicks away. You usually find everything you are looking for very easily.

Another feature that makes SOMA very easy to use is that it can be used from anywhere with an internet connection. We don’t have to be tied to an IP address or install anything. It is enough to have a user, a password and you have access to all the control processes according to the user’s profile. In our case, we perform maintenance services for the fleet in international stations and we have to supervise several agents that can be anywhere in the world. In this way, SOMA makes our work easier because we can monitor the maintenance operation from any device, anywhere.

One of the functionalities we use the most is the generation of reports. I especially use the historical report of components. I like it because you can see the traceability of the components that have been installed on the aircraft in a specific period or at a general level, when it was sent for repair, in which workshop, how long it was installed, when it was bought, etc. All with a few clicks. Just by having the serial number of the component you can see everything. It is excellent as a tool for tracking failures.

Finally if I had to use one word to describe SOMA I would say it is intuitive.


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