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Safety and Compliance

In aeronautical maintenance, safety is paramount. Quick response times ensure that any potential issues or concerns related to software operations are addressed promptly, reducing the risk of safety incidents and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Rapid Problem Resolution

Aeronautical software may involve complex systems. Quick response times facilitate faster identification and resolution of technical issues, preventing prolonged downtime and potential operational setbacks.

Operational Continuity

Aeronautical operations often require continuous and reliable software functionality. Swift responses to technical inquiries help maintain operational continuity, minimizing disruptions in critical systems.

Risk Mitigation

Rapid responses help mitigate risks associated with software vulnerabilities and potential system failures. By addressing technical inquiries promptly, the likelihood of cascading issues and their impact on overall aeronautical operations is minimized.

Accurate Metrics & Information

Empowering every facet of the organization with accurate and up-to-date metrics and information facilitates improved decision-making.

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At SOMA, our dedicated team of experts is committed to elevating your operations to excellence by crafting cutting-edge digital realities tailored uniquely to meet your needs. With us as your partner, rest assured that your vision will be meticulously brought to life. Experience the distinctive advantage of collaborating with SOMA's technological excellence today.


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SOMA's aeronautical engineering team ensures operational efficiency, providing not only technological solutions but also comprehensive and high-quality support services. We redefine excellence, forging partnerships to elevate the success of our clients.


"If I had to use one word to describe SOMA, I would say it's intuitive. SOMA is quite user-friendly. You can seamlessly track all processes, whether it's components being installed, removed, directives, work orders, deferred item lists, and you can also validate all compliance. Everything is very accessible, just a few clicks away"

Alejandro Ramirez

"With SOMA, we can analyze the traceability of a component from its request until its installation on the aircraft. The participation of SOMA's team of aeronautical engineers in our daily decision-making is highly valuable to us. Additionally, the software provides us with detailed information about the flight hours of the aircraft and its components in an easy and user-friendly manner. This is something that cannot be controlled as effectively with any other tool."

Eddy Arbizú

"On May 7, 2019, Aruba Airlines and the Civil Aviation Department of the Aruba government recognized Soma Software as an advanced system capable of supporting and providing effective software tools for logistics, purchasing, inventory, document expiration, maintenance, engineering, and flight operations.
The document concludes that the software demonstrates sufficient capabilities to comply with AUA-OPS 1.920"

Aruba Airlines
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