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Maintenance, Engineering & Reliability

Advanced aeronautical management with maintenance, component tracking, and reporting, ensuring reliability and regulatory compliance.


Simplify log management for hours, passengers, crew, and more. Seamlessly migrate data to ECTM with SOMA´s Migration Service.

Logistics, Purchasing & Inventory

Optimize purchasing and logistics with maintained component control, streamlined processes, and timely approvals for precise inventory management.

Expiration Control

Simplify document control for aircraft, crew, and technical publications. Stay compliant with direct expiry notifications for responsible parties.

Mobile APP

Track tasks, receive real-time updates, and integrate data for efficient work orders. Experience streamlined aircraft maintenance with SOMA’s Mobile App.

High-Quality Customer Success

Swift issue resolution, 24/7 live tech support with aeronautical engineers, and seamless software integration.

Our capabilities go beyond

Auditing Records

Thoroughly auditing maintenance records for completeness and accuracy to enhance reliability and regulatory compliance

Discrepancy Resolution

Promptly resolves maintenance discrepancies, minimizing impact. Experienced engineers ensure adherence to industry standards and regulations

Component Validation

Config validation ensures precise integration, streamlining status tracking, maintenance planning, and regulatory compliance

Record Revision

Manage aircraft record updates, including repairs, mods, and regulatory changes, with a clear audit trail

Compliance Oversight

Regular aircraft record audits ensure regulatory compliance by verifying accuracy, completeness, and addressing discrepancies

Automatic Notifications

Manage all your operations efficiently and in compliance with customizable alerts for expirations, flight hours, and work orders.

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SOMA's aeronautical engineering team ensures operational efficiency, providing not only technological solutions but also comprehensive and high-quality support services. We redefine excellence, forging partnerships to elevate the success of our clients.


"If I had to use one word to describe SOMA, I would say it's intuitive. SOMA is quite user-friendly. You can seamlessly track all processes, whether it's components being installed, removed, directives, work orders, deferred item lists, and you can also validate all compliance. Everything is very accessible, just a few clicks away"

Alejandro Ramirez

"One can analyze the traceability of a component from its requisition to its installation on the aircraft. We appreciate the involvement of the air operations area, particularly because it feeds the flight hours of aircraft and their components. This is something that cannot be controlled as effectively with any other tool"

Eddy Arbizú

"On May 7, 2019, Aruba Airlines and the Civil Aviation Department of the Aruba government recognized Soma Software as an advanced system capable of supporting and providing effective software tools for logistics, purchasing, inventory, document expiration, maintenance, engineering, and flight operations.
The document concludes that the software demonstrates sufficient capabilities to comply with AUA-OPS 1.920"

Aruba Airlines
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