Maintenance Automation with SOMA: A Success Story from LANHSA Airlines

April 17, 2024

LANHSA Airlines, shares its experience with SOMA, an aircraft maintenance management solution that has transformed how they manage their fleet maintenance.

Watch this short video to learn in first hand what Eddy Arbizú - Quality Maintenance Manager @ LANHSA Airliens had to say about their 6 year-long relationship with SOMA Software.

The Challenge: Reliance on Spreadsheets

Before implementing SOMA, LANHSA Airlines faced significant challenges in managing their maintenance. They relied on spreadsheets to control their operations—a precise tool, but one prone to human error. Constantly updating and manipulating data caused headaches, affecting the handling of work orders, maintenance reports, inventory control, and logistics.

The Transformation: SOMA as an Automated aircraft management solution

The introduction of SOMA drastically changed the situation. This automated software aircraft management solution generates alerts, automatic reports, and automatic tasks, sending them directly to the application or users' email. SOMA's simplicity and effectiveness have allowed LANHSA Airlines to focus on planning and executing the required work for their fleet, reducing costs and downtime. Now, the team can concentrate on growing the business, ensuring their planes fully comply with regulations.


One of the main attractions of SOMA for LANHSA Airlines was its user-friendly interface. It's not necessary for an aeronautical engineer to use the platform, which facilitates its adoption by any team member. Additionally, SOMA offers a variety of automatic reports generated in seconds, enabling quick and well-informed decision-making. This feature is particularly useful for presenting reports to management and regulators and for internal evaluations of inspection times and component performance.

Imagen copyrights by @ Oscar Elvir Vasquez

Tangible Benefits

Since implementing SOMA, LANHSA Airlines has experienced several positive changes:

- Simplified fleet management

- Exclusive focus on aircraft maintenance

- Precise tracking of aircraft components

These benefits have eliminated many problems associated with using spreadsheets, motivating LANHSA Airlines to continue using SOMA year after year as their trusted aircraft maintenance software.

Strong Recommendation

LANHSA Airlines confidently recommends SOMA, an aviation maintenance software, to other airlines. The power and advantages of SOMA over spreadsheets or internally developed software are clear. With 19 years in the market, SOMA has proven to provide effective solutions for all aspects of aircraft maintenance.

Discover how to keep your airplanes flying with an aircraft maintenance software

SOMA presents itself as a comprehensive and reliable solution for airlines looking to optimize their maintenance and logistics. LANHSA Airlines' experience is a testament to how this software can transform operations, reduce costs, and allow a clear focus on business growth. If your airline faces similar challenges, consider SOMA as your next step towards efficiency and peace of mind in aircraft maintenance, click here to schedule a meeting with our team.